Rinnai Demand Duo Water Heaters

CHS199100HiN H-Series 199,000 BTU, Demand Duo Commercial Hybrid Tankless Water Heater (Natural Gas)

Endless Hot Water – Ever run out of hot water? Worried about the cost of storing and keeping hot water available all the time? We have a solution. Instant hot water is available 24×7. Peace of mind from the most reliable tankless gas water heater brand.

This is for the most comfortable home with multiple hot water needs at the same time. This is a special item and reserved for those with high hot water needs such as 11 shower heads in the master bedroom suite, garden tubs, many teenage daughters wanting to shower simultaneously, a personal gymnasium, etc.

CHS199100HiN H-Series 199,000 BTU, Demand Duo Commercial Hybrid Tankless Water Heater (Natural Gas) With Rinnai’s new Demand Duo H-Series, redundancy comes in a high-performance, high-efficiency package that also reduces cost of ownership.


  • Product description: Commercial Hybrid, Indoor, Max BTU 199,000
  • Product Dimentions: 30.8″ x 34.5″ x 69.3″
  • Product Weight: 430 lbs
  • Max Heating Input (Btu/h): 199,000
  • Tank Capacity/First Hour Delivery (Gallons): 119 / 315
  • Thermal Efficiency (or UEF): 97% (N/A)
  • Product Highlights
  • Fuel Source: Natural Gas
1st HOUR hot water delivery is an incredible 315 gallons per hour! Efficiency rating up to 97% for H Series Condensing Models
This provides the benefits of Instant Hot Water, Storage Tank Savings, Long Lasting Hot Water in commercial kitchens and high use residences.

Flexible Installation allows for quick and hassle-free installation.

DuoSmart Delivers more value than standard tanks, including a lower cost of ownership, energy-saving performance, and abundant hot water when you need it. Optimized Digital Controller can manage building circulation, eliminating the need for a separate aquastat.

Demand Duo® H-Series

Bringing a multitude of installation options as well as an upgraded recovery pump for improved tank recovery time. Choice of multiple tankless and tank options Preassembled electric and gas connections

Set building recirculation and temperature setpoint with the Digital Controller

Maximum Performance That Lasts Longer

Unsurpassed first-hour delivery and efficient recovery keep pace with the demands of any industry. Plus, the Rinnai CU199 tankless unit eliminates thermal stress on the tank, lengthening the life of the unit and the ability to consistently produce more hot water than a traditional tank.
  • Unsurpassed Warranty
  • Reliability You Can Count On
  • Ideal for Planned or Emergency Install
  • Application Engineering Center of Excellence

Demand Duo® R-Series

Our newest line of commercial hybrid water heaters brings the performance, versatility and reliability from Rinnai. And it’s backed by the industry’s best warranty.
  • No new vent runs or structure penetrations required
  • Longer lifespan with no thermal stress on tank
  • Easily connect to existing 6″ B-Vent

Demand Duo® 2V

The Next Generation in Hybrid Technology
Replace your standard efficiency atmospheric tank with the latest water heating technology—Demand Duo® R-Series.

Now with More than 2X the warranty of most traditional tanks and NEW Features that Simplify Installation and Optimize Performance.

Combining the redundancy and performance of our tankless rack systems with the hybrid technology of Demand Duo®.
  • Built-in redundancy for reliable hot water
  • Cutting-edge technology that’s easy to maintain
  • ASME certified option available

Increased Performance

No matter your industry, Demand Duo® can meet the demand, with first-hour delivery of 546 gallons and 463 GPH recovery (at 100°ΔT). Plus, with two tankless units delivering 398 BTUs as the heat source, the system greatly reduces thermal stress on the tank, prolonging its life.
  • Simple Install
  • Reliability You Can Count On
  • Flexible Venting Options
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership
  • Application Engineering Center of Excellence
Do you have a garden tub, soaker tub, jacuuzi tub, multiple shower heads, many families relying on one water heater? This is the solution. Never ending hot water is available now. With Rinnai’s new Demand Duo H-Series, reliable hot water comes in a high-performance, high-efficiency package that also reduces cost of ownership. Rinnai’s hybrid technology is unlike anything else on the market, ensuring a longer service life than high-efficiency tanks, while also producing abundant hot water for peak commercial hours. Never Ending Hot Water.
  • 97% Thermal Efficiency
  • Warranty 6yrs on tank/ 5 years on all parts
  • Up to twice the lifespan of other brands of tanks.
  • Compact size to fit in more spaces.
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