Mini Splits

Mini Splits

A mini split heating and cooling unit can resolve a problem in an area of your home where the temperature is uncomfortable. This could be due to inadequate design of the current HVAC system, or bad ductwork. Installing a mini split in one or more rooms avoids major repair work while providing the ability to control the temperature in each room.

People love the super efficiency of mini splits. The new heat-pump style of mini splits provides comfortable heating and cooling in rooms that are difficult to heat and cool any other way. Customers who’ve had them installed tell us they didn’t know how great they would be.

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Why consider a mini split? First, to heat and cool a room that has a dramatically different temperature than the rest of the house. Second, to save money with high efficiency equipment. And third, to reduce the noise level.

Our Mini Split Services

Installation of New Units

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Mini Split Diagnostics & Troubleshooting

Annual Maintenance and Tune-ups

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