Garbage Disposals


Garbage Disposals are a requirement in most people’s busy lifestyles.

A disposer grinds small scraps off our plates to make it easier to keep the dining rooms, and kitchens in our homes cleaner, easier. New options include quieter and stronger motors, larger reservoirs, and more durable stainless steel blades.

We install all brands of garbage disposals including Wolverine Brass, Plumbmaster, Speakman, Moen, Kohler, Beast, Evolution, Power, Waste King, and Insinkerator PRO.

What is our most commonly installed garbage disposal? We recommend and stock Wolverine Brass BEAST ¾ HP Vortex Motor with Stainless Steel grinders. It comes with a 5 year mfg warranty and reduces jamming and clogging. We keep these instock for our customers convenience. Customers like the fast startup, and durability of these disposals.

Unleash the beast,
which garbagedisposal is right for you?


3/4 HP

Feature 85496
HP 3/4
Weight 17.0 lbs
Voltage 120v
Frequency 60Hz
Motor Type Permanent Magnet
Grinding Material Stainless Steel
Overload Protection Yes
Drain Connection 1-1/2” Cushioned Slip joint
Mount Usable With Insinkerator Yes
Finish Color Matte Black
Overall Diameter 7 ”
SKU 3/4 HP Garbage Disposal Descriptions
85496 1/2 HP Beast Mini Disposal

PERFORMANCE: High efficiency, high torque motor that reduces jamming and clogging
DURABILITY: All stainless steel, anti-corrosion grinding system for long-lasting operation
CAPACITY: Large capacity to fit your household needs
WARRANTY: 5-year limited warranty covers product/parts replacement only

What Makes Ours Better?

SIZE MATTERS Compact 7” profile was engineered to reduce the overall size and maximize the impact of under the cabinet space without sacrificing performance.


Do we install other brands? Yes we do. Customer can provide their preferred Garbage Disposal or we can provide Insinkerator Advanced PRO lines which are considered best in class garbage disposals.

The current model series includes Insinkerator PRO 750, PRO 1000, and PRO 1250.

“Nothing grinds more types of food waste as quietly as Insinkerator Advanced Series.

Our Advanced Series disposals are equipped with up to four stages of MultiGrind® Technology designed to prevent clogs by grinding food waste finely. The Advanced Series features up to two levels of SoundSeal® Technology, making them our quietest garbage disposals on the market.”

pro 1250

How do I know I need a new garbage disposal?

Noisy operations. As garbage disposals age, the grinder wheels become rough and begin to drag as they cut. This could be because of items stuck in the garbage disposal or just age itself from use. Your garbage disposal works sometimes or not at all. You keep resetting the garbage disposal by pressing button on bottom of disposal. You want a larger reservoir, quieter operations, or the ability to grind larger food items. Garbage disposal keep clogging. Motor is humming but blades are not rotating, and you’ve already tried to free it using the allen key. *in some cases, maintenance from the plumber can avoid having to buy a new garbage disposal* We offer repairs, maintenance, and replacement services. You want a new garbage disposal because your current one is older than you expected it to last or you want some of the awesome upgrades available. Did you know you can grind chicken bones, fish bones, starchy items, and stringy items with the PRO1250 garbage disposal without clogging? It has 4 cutting levels that can grind things other disposals cannot.

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Insinkerator Warranties per model # / Wolverine Brass Warranties per model #

Model and warranty length (years)
Power 700 - 5 Guard Evolution Cover Control - 8 Contractor 333 - 7 PRO 750 - 10
Power .75HP - 6 Evolution 45ss - 9 Contractor 1000 - 8 PRO Cover Control - 10
Power 900 - 6 Evolution 1300 - 9 Evolution .75HP - 8 PRO 1000 - 11
Power 15ss - 6 Evolution 1.0HP - 10 Evolution 35ss - 8 PR0 1250 - 12
Power 25ss - 7 Evolution 55ss - 10 Evolution 1100 - 8 Wolverine Beast ¾ - 5
Power 1.0HP - 7 Evolution 1500 - 10 Evolution Septic - 8 Wolverine Beast ½ - 5

Repair Parts: included in Insinkerator Pro 1250 garbage disposal and Other brands which have many similar parts.

A. Stopper | B. Sink Baffle | C. Sink Flange | D. Rubber Sink Gasket | E. Fiber Gasket | F. Backup Flange | G. Mounting Ring | H1. 1 1/2” Screws | H2. 1 1/8” Screws | I. Snap Ring (Specific models only) | J. Lower Mounting Ring | K. Dishwasher Inlet Plug | L. Wrenchette | M. Tailpipe Gasket | N. Flange | O. Bolts | P. Anti-Vibration Tailpipe Mount | Q. Spring Clamp | R. Discharge Tube (curved) | S. Discharge Tube (straight) | T. EZ Connect Adapter | U. Ground Screw | V. Cover Plate | W. Cable Strain Relief | X. EZ Connect Power Cord

We can source and provide parts needed to repair your garbage disposal. We need the manufacturer Brand, approximate age of item, model, serial number, and a photo of the part. Then we can help source the parts you need and then coordinate and schedule with you to install those parts in your garbage disposal.

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