Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

The last thing you want is for AC to stop working in the middle of summer, especially when the one you have is currently draining your energy bills and your bank account! Did you know that a new air conditioning system can decrease home energy usage 10-40% over an older, standard system? New systems also use the newer refrigerant R410a which is better for the environment. You receive a full warranty and benefit from the yearly energy savings which actually help pay for the cost of your new system.

Whether you replace your air conditioner to save money or electricity usage, our desired result is always the same. If someone in your home suffering from allergies, why not add a hypoallergenic filter system and a humidifier to improve their life? We want to provide a solution that fits your lifestyle and we want you to be happy with our work!

Our Air Conditioning Services

Air conditioning diagnostics and troubleshooting

Annual maintenance and tune-ups

Refrigerant leak detection

AC drain line cleaning

service van

Controls / thermostat service & replacement

Air filtration

Humidification and dehumidification

Technicians hold universal refrigerant certification including R22 and R410

Installation of new systems - standard & high efficiency

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