Amana S Series Comfort and Efficiency Inverter Side Discharge System

Amana S Series Comfort and Efficiency Inverter Side Discharge System

The Amana S Series is an Energy Efficient Side Discharge Inverter System.  It utilizes new technology that merges the benefits of forced air systems and ductless efficiency into an affordable, comfortable, and energy saving HVAC system.  Now you can have modulating, variable speed comfort at a modest price. 

Imagine having the most comfortable and best technology possible.  Due to the high Government Tax Credits and Utility company incentives and rebates this great technology is affordable, and comfortable.  There are two models:  AC (ASXS6) and Heat Pump (ASZS6).  The S-Series Amana utilizes the same quality, engineering, and innovation that this Original American brand is known for. 

Heat Pumps use 100% electric power.

An Amana s series heat pump looks like a standard air conditioner condenser.  You probably recognize the metal box with louvers outside your home with a fan on the top for your old system.  It works by moving heat molecules from outside air and placing them inside the home to warm it.  When attempting to cool a home, heat pumps reverse the refrigerant flow taking heat molecules from inside the home and putting them outside the home.  This technology is Super-Efficient and rated Energy Star cold climate meaning its certified to save money and work in Pittsburgh’s colder climate.  It works in all four seasons to keep your home comfortable. 

Slim: Amana S-Series Heat Pump and Amana S-Series AC

As we increase efficiencies in Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners, the size of the outdoor condenser continue to increase while lot lines continue to decrease.  Customers can lose valuable yard space or walkways in order to replace their older condensers with a larger, more efficient Condenser or Heat Pump.  The S-Series fits in is a smaller space.  Install on Pad, wall mount, zero lot lines, and on small patio space.  “The Amana brand S-series is a slim side discharge style system that provides a premium mid-efficiency solution at an affordable price.” (


Shhhh, Quiet Equipment:

The S-Series AC and Amana Series Heat Pump are super quiet.  They operate at lower noise levels, and change the speed up or down depending on the needs of the home.  Not only is the compressor and fan quieter, it takes up less space in your yard.  Say goodbye to a noisy outdoor unit.  If you want to know the Amana s series price schedule an estimate today. 

If you want extra quiet, there is a quiet mode as well to decrease standard noise levels another 5 decibels. 



S-Series Amana provides good value and price point to our customers.

Customers are looking for quieter system.  This unit utilizes Adaptive Inverter Technology which provides quieter operations and savings up to 30% on your electric bills. It also provides an Advanced temperature control system, faster recovery times, and steady temperatures.  Inverter technology means extra savings $. The swing compressor has less friction, less energy use, and more savings. 

The Amana s series Hvac system also provides specialized dehumidification in three separate modes.  1.  Air Conditioning, 2. Standard Dehumidification, 3. Enhanced dehumidification which prioritizes humidity over temperature.  If you want to know the Amana S Series cost schedule an estimate today. 

Solar Panel and Electric HVAC System:

Do you have an existing Solar Panel System?  Are you selling power back to the electric company?  Are you paying a gas bill?  With this technology you can have a Solar Panel System Power all of your heating and cooling needs.  Use Solar Power to power the Amana S Series AC and Amana S Series Heat Pump. 


The S-Series needed a new Amana S Series thermostat to support control and comfort.  Introducing the New Amana Smart Thermostat is a sleek design offering total control of the S-series AC and S-series HP.  Its easier to use, and provides connectivity through the Amana Home App.  You can link Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to control your thermostat.  Its user friendly and shows what your indoor and outdoor Air Quality is.  If someone in your house has allergies, or asthma, this feature allows you to pay more attention to your home’s air quality. 

You can add the S-Series as an Air Conditioning System, a heat pump system, or a dual fuel system.  The s series hvac is flexible!   The dual fuel system provides the benefits of all electric down to subzero temperatures and the reliability of natural gas during the coldest periods of winter.  S-Series is made by Amana, America’s Brand for Comfort.